[IFComp 2012] Valkyrie

Valkyrie, by the description, reads: This game was authored by the guild, Valkyrie, three students enrolled in a Game-based Learning Developmental English course this Fall semester at Pikes Peak Community College in Colorado Springs, CO.

I have to admit, creating IF through Twine is probably a pretty cool way to learn English. Major props to the instructor for such a unique teaching method (or if the students chose IF, a clever way to showcase their skills as a final project). Submitting it to the IF Comp though? Probably not such a good idea, but extremely ambitious.

As you can imagine, there are some grammatical errors, but as I would never be able to submit an IF game in Spanish, I’m ignoring them and judging this on game alone. There are some issues with the game set-up in itself. You can’t rewind. Once you get to the end of the story, the Start button doesn’t work (although Restart on the left-hand sidebar does) and the story itself is “Untitled.” The game set-up could have used a bit more polishing.

The game is CYOA, and the story starts with a mysterious woman at three young teen’s funerals. Then, randomly, you are asked if you are wizardess, swordswoman, or mistress thief. I think that the three students each chose a different person and created the threads of that story. And there are some similarities (I appear to be Hilda in all of them, but three different Hildas) but the writing style is very different. The swordswoman section appears to be written with the most skill, but the story is very long. The wizardess section is creative with the alternate endings, but short. The mistress thief section is probably the shortest and least skilled, but is the only one that utilizes descriptions for certain words (smell, underworld).

I think the biggest problem with the game is that it never returns full circle, to the deaths of the teenagers, or the one strange woman who appears at the funerals. But I do want to commend this group of students for being ambitious enough to create a game in their second (or whatever) language!



3 thoughts on “[IFComp 2012] Valkyrie

  1. The woman and the deaths are explained, but it’s spread around the three stories.


    The woman is us, grieving over the people whose deaths we foresaw. So we are a red-headed stepchild.

  2. The problem with “rewind” (and I think also with the start button) are actually bugs with Twine rather than the authors — there are two Twine themes and “rewind” doesn’t work with one of them. (You can use your browser’s back button, though.)

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