[IFComp 2012] Transit

Another CYOA?

It’s not the game’s fault though. So I’m starting Transit by Shaye.


And it does start out pretty cool. I’m in an airport and whatever the spoken language is in this airport is not my first language, and I’ve lost my translator/guide/friend.

I do really enjoy the little icons for each action and that this CYOA is one that I can scroll back through to review every action already done. That’s convenient.

There is some nice side commentary on larger social issues:

You’re in a country that you think once sentenced a foreigner to death over reading a magazine on a bus. If you stop now, you’re just handing yourself over.

And there are enough alternate endings to feel entertained while I’m pursuing the losing-endings. I especially liked the death-by-sugary/caffeinated drink:

Really, what’s in this? You feel kind of addicted. And you’re not even the addictive type.

You buy another one and drink it in one go. You crush the can against your head and toss it in the bin.

RAWR. I feel all manly now.

There were some minor spelling/grammatical issues that need to be corrected:

When the ambulence arrives, you barely hear them say that you’ve ingested 8 standard cups of cofee and enough sugar to make you diabetic.

I also encountered an error by clicking lots of options in the food court; the game freaked scrolling up and down much like my body after that sugary drink.

The game does sort-of address this infinite loop in the “Extra Info” tabs:

If you click a particular choice more than once (such as “go back to the food court”), it will create an infinite loop. There is no way out of this and, unfortunately, there are many choices like that.

But overall, this was a fun little clicky game, I just think it would have been better as a traditional IF, as that would have been a lot more fun to explore the airport with language as a barrier.



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