[IFComp 2012] Living Will

Started Living Will by Mark Marcino, and I’m afraid this one really didn’t work for me. The language was incredibly hard to get into, it was hard to get motivated to care about who’s POV I was actually playing.

I played through a couple of times and I clicked everything at one point or another. I managed to keep the author of the will alive, and I also lost everything. Not that I felt it mattered too much one way or another. I felt that there was some depth to this story – just take a look at this text that comes up when you click on Droxol Vox’s description:

Never another like her in the world, a corporation of vast holdings whose fibres stretch round the globe. Every communicative act passes through her networks, from the briefest phone call to the most urgent database request. The MRI reports you have cancer. Droxol Vox. Mother sends a text that you are illegitimate. Droxol Vox.

There’s a story here, but it’s hard to find with all the pretentious language and my propensity to keep clicking anything with a hyperlink.

I actually took a break from this game, as I was thinking it was possible that I was simply too tired to read the legalese and the narrator’s stuffy style, but when I restarted fresh, it still wasn’t enough to get me emotionally involved with the story.

I’ve read some other reviews for this one, and it seems like most of the others find the issue here to be that users take this as a game instead of the story that it is and the tally on the right hand side that takes into stocks, money, etc is misleading. I think that definitely is a problem with the set-up, but I also think the story isn’t enough. I’m not sure if we just, as readers, don’t ever get the opportunity to hear enough of the story, or if the story itself wasn’t engaging enough.

That’s my favorite thing about IF – the story is just as important as the game. And for me, this one was neither game enough nor story enough, and then, what is the point?



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