[IFComp 2012] Lunar Base I

Lunar Base I by Michael Wayne Phipps Jr. is his second IF game and the last one for today.

I am a captain of a spaceship and kind of a short dude. My even shorter friend and I land on the moon and are going to be installed on the lunar base, but it appears it will not be a long stay.

John immediately goes all The Shining on me and:

John lunges at you, gripping your throat!

>fight john
You completely take John by surprise with a wild hay-maker punch to his temple. Your lightning-quick reflex has left him lying limp on the floor, snoring. You pity him and wonder if hitting him that hard was the wrong thing to do, although you realize that you should probably restrain him somehow before he wakes up and attacks you again.

It’s good to be a gangsta.

It turns out that there are several alternate endings to this one – which I enjoyed. I discovered the John-is-a-lunatic one first, then the I-kill-us-both-by-attempting-to-get-home-at-65%-capacity one second, and finally (after using the cheats – I didn’t know I was supposed to turn the dial on the IECM) discovering the Ancient-civilizations-on-the-moon option. I also killed myself in the airlock several times.

This was a good game. Great descriptions. Except for having some troubles managing the IECM’s locks and controls from the workstation, the game ran smoothly. I liked the endings. This game lost a few points with me for limiting some of the information – what the experiments exactly were, not letting John and I discuss his dream, or the movement I’m seeing on a giant rock. It felt like this one could have really gone a lot further to round out a better game.



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