[IFComp 2012] Guilded Youth

The opening screen to Guilded Youth by Jim Munroe, who submitted Everybody Dies for the 2008 IF Comp. I literally clapped my hands in glee at the set up.

It turns I’m a teen thief who also is in a guild. A manor destined to be demo-ed beckons me, and as I’m a thief looking for stuff, and also concerned about suburban sprawl, I need to visit it with backup. Another short game, it’s filled with bits of humor:

>look at woods

You’re fairly sure they’ll be sacrificed to the gods of development pretty soon.


Her hands go all over your body, searching for something. Finally her hand rests on a ridge in your pants.

It turns out to be my letter opener (you dirty minded-IFer you).

It’s a fun game that switches visually between the screen of a chatroom and reality. I especially enjoy that my inventory is visual on my left (under my avatar) and that as I switch between my guild and the manor, the side characters’ avatars switch as well.

What can I say? It’s cute.

The end took me by surprise. I guess I was expecting a more thorough explanation. When the game ended abruptly the first time, I replayed, hoping that I could do something at the dinner table with the other guests other than just take a bottle of wine. It turns out, no. I couldn’t talk to anyone else, who ask Paula questions about the rules, or ask why they set up dinner, or talk to the dreadlocked man (who possibly was in the guild before?), or drink the wine, or figure out how Paula was such an expert on wine. What was Max running from? The other people? Why did no one talk to me? Did everyone die at the end in the manor fire? Why could I never go upstairs or in the basement?

It was a well set-up game, but the end lacked any sort of real resolution for me.



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