[IFComp 2012] The Sealed Room

The Sealed Room

The Sealed Room, on the Alan platform, is by Robert DeFord. He’s written several other games, including The Egg and the Newbie and Negotis: Book 1.

This was a very simple little game. Essentially, your character meets a strange old man who poofs you to a room with a dragon and a unicorn. Through talking to the two creatures, you leave the ‘sealed’ room into limbo and essentially win the game.

It’s a good first attempt, but leaves a lot to be desired. Why did the old man put me in a strange room? Why is the dragon such a diva? Why were the two fighting? What was the point of limbo? Why did the old man look so familiar?

I also find “talking” in IF extremely frustrating when it forms the entire basis of a game. That’s a personal preference, to be sure. But I do hate typing out:

> ask dragon about advice

> ask unicorn about round hole wound

> tell unicorn about dark patch

It drives me insane, especially when a conversation is the only way to get information. I liked and also disliked the list of topics given when typing:

> talk to unicorn

An entire series of topics appeared. On one hand, it was nice to be able to ask the creatures specifically what I wanted to know without jacking up the phrasing, but it did feel a little check-list-ish to me, and made the game even shorter.

Cheers to the author on the hand-drawn art – although I would have loved to see how my character, the unicorn and dragon were all pawns of the old man/wizard in a larger sense (like the drawing implies).



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